Apt. N Turns One!


At the end of August we celebrated one year since our very first event as Apt. N Coffee! What began as dreams and goals at home in our founders’ apartment at the time (you guessed it, Apt. N) has grown into a dynamic and incredibly rewarding business. For us, it has been even so much more than a business.

Apt. N was born from a love of coffee and a passion to share it. The company was built from family and friendship, with the goal of creating something fun and good for the community. We aim to not just serve coffee, but an experience. We’re honored each time we’re invited to be a part of a special event, and our goal is to help make it that much more special. 

In the past year we have had the pleasure of catering over 25 private and 35 public events, across the triangle and beyond. Each event is unique and is as memorable for us as we hope it is for our guests. This year we have had the honor of: serving endless lavender lattes at Sunshine Lavender Farm, supporting runners and their fans at early morning races, brightening workdays for the offices at the Chesterfield, fueling artists and designers at AIGA’s THRIVE conference, caffeinating world-famous rockstars and their set-up crews backstage at the DPAC, getting to know neighbors at the weekly Eno River Farmers’ Market, warming up holiday craft markets, and being a special part of intimate graduation parties and wedding days. The list goes on, and we look forward to where Apt N will take us next. 

Although each workday with Apt N brings something new, there is one thing that hasn’t changed. We could not have gotten to where we are without the unending support we have received from this community. To our customers, our guests, our partners, our team, our followers, our families and friends, we want to say - Thank You! Thank you for helping us kick off this journey one year ago, thank you for joining us along the way, and thank you for encouraging us to keep going. Cheers to one year, and to many more!

Emilene Whidbee