10 Fun Facts About Coffee

Here at Apt. N, the history, science, and culture surrounding coffee fascinate us. We are always learning, and we want to share what we learn with you. We will be diving deeper into these topics and more in our new monthly blog! We hope you follow along and learn something you can share with a friend over your next cup of coffee.

  1. A coffee bean is the seed of a little red fruit, called a coffee cherry. There are two coffee seeds in each cherry. A drink made from just the fruit of the coffee cherry is becoming more popular, called cascara tea.

  2. Coffee was believed to be discovered around the 9th century in Ethiopia or Yemen. While the exact history of its discovery is unknown, several legends exist, including one about a goat-herder noticing his herd getting hyper after eating some red berries.

  3. The history of coffee as a brewed beverage began in Yemen, and the global coffee trade began through the port city of Mocha…

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Emilene Whidbee