Apt. N Coffee

Ibrahim Darhmaoui and Omar rezk

The Founders


Apt. N is the product of two passionate coffee advocates, intent on bringing the story of coffee to the party. Founders Omar Rezk and Ibrahim Darhmaoui were both led to love coffee through one powerful influencer: Omar’s sister and Ibrahim’s wife. They seek to bridge the gap between the bean’s beginnings and the cappuccino by catering a luxurious coffee shop experience to events in the Triangle.

Because coffee is a special occasion, and deserves to be part of the celebration.



Ibrahim and Omar developed their love for coffee at the usual time; college. Since then, their taste for it has evolved. They learned that just as every person has a story, every coffee bean also has a story. They were particularly amazed with the cultural importance of coffee across the world. It is truly a universal experience.

No matter where you are in the world, coffee is a shared human connection. For some, coffee is a daily ritual; for others, it has led to strengthening connections and relationships. For centuries, coffee shops were meeting places for great thinkers and philosophers.

Ibrahim and Omar took their passion into practice over the past two years and have realized the need of a coffee catering business that can bring the coffee shop experience we all love to any venue.

Through their partnership with @counterculturecoffee, they are able to attain a well-rounded understanding and skill set as well as provide all of you with the best quality coffee and the most professional and memorable service.